You can attain a healthy lifestyle by combining regular exercise and a nutritious and balanced diet. There are plenty of ways to get your daily exercise, but one of the more enjoyable ways is to participate in sports.

Top Sports for Weight Loss

(Pixabay / tookapic)

The following are some of the sports that can improve your overall health:

  • Swimming – This sport provides a full-body workout. It can be adapted to any age or body type and to different levels of strength and skill. It is low-impact, making it ideal for people with joint problems.
  • Tennis – This sport targets multiple body areas. It involves upper-body muscles when you are serving or hitting the ball with the racquet, but it also draws on leg and core strength.
  • Running – You can run competitively with others, or you can simply compete with yourself. Running between 30 and 90 minutes a day can promote weight loss. Running is a very efficient way to burn calories.
  • Cycling – Try cycling if you are looking for a great way to burn calories and get your heart and legs in shape. The amount of calories you burn while cycling will depend on the intensity of your exercise. Another perk of biking is that it can allow you to take in new scenery and enjoy nature.
  • Football – Football burns fat and builds muscles because it involves rapidly changing levels of intensity. When playing football, you will switch between using aerobic energy and anaerobic energy. This switching is believed to burn more calories while preventing muscle loss.
  • Basketball – Basketball is a fun and effective way of burning fat because of its fast-paced nature. Playing basketball for five hours each week can burn enough calories to induce weight loss. The five-hour requirement may sound tough to reach, but you can usually achieve it by playing three games per week.

Participating in sports is a good way of combining enjoyment and exercise.