Phenom Health, a leading producer of quality health and wellness products, manufactures Garcinia Clean, a superfood supplement combining Garcinia cambogia’s fat-burning capabilities with additional nutrients like vitamin B2. The company announces a new package-branding initiative to appeal to a broader demographic of customers who are now purchasing Garcinia Clean.

Garcinia Clean

Garcinia Clean is free from artificial ingredients, fillers, or unnecessary stimulants. Garcinia Clean ingredients include garcinia cambogia and other natural ingredients, including black pepper extract, green tea, capsicum and essential vitamins. No additional caffeine is added to the formulation, so users will not experience the jittery sensation common to other supplements.

Garcinia Clean supports weight loss plans by boosting the metabolic process, ridding the body of toxins that tend to slow down the digestive system, and enhancing mood and energy. Most Garcinia clean users report that they begin to see marked weight loss in as little as a few weeks—without side effects.

The customer base of Garcinia Clean is growing due to the product’s many benefits. As people from different demographics are drawn to Garcinia Clean, Phenom Health is repackaging the product to appeal to a more diverse population. The company believes that the new packaging initiative will strengthen brand recognition.

“We are very excited about the way our customer base is expanding,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development for Phenom Health. “We want to show support to our full range of patrons by rolling out new packaging to resonate with more of our customers and firmly establish our brand.”