With an avalanche of responsibilities weighing us down at work and home, many of us don’t take time out to relax. Americans are noted for being workaholics. Work-related stress will show in more ways than one—including in weight gain. Stress can often boost our hunger and cause us to pack on extra pounds around the middle.

Overworking might affect your figure

(Pixabay / Pexels)

There are many reasons why people gain weight when they are under stress. Here’s a detailed look at a couple of those reasons:

  • Survival mode – Overeating is the body’s natural reaction to pressure from being overworked. The body turns to survival mode upon reaching a particular stress level. It may feel spent and think that it needs to replenish calories to feel good and energetic again. The body may also seek comfort from the day’s pressures in the form of food.
  • Stress hormones – Cortisol is a stress hormone. Levels of cortisol rise when a person is filled with tension. The stress could translate into overeating, which can turn into a chronic reaction. Overeating causes insulin to rise and blood sugar to drop. As a result, the body will crave fatty and sugary foods. Your body will not long for a salad when your blood sugar drops. Instead, you will be reaching for comfort food, including things like cookies and macaroni and cheese. More junk food translates into more belly fat.

You can ease your stress levels through exercise, meditation, and support from family and friends. As you learn to manage your stress, take Garcinia Clean fat-burning supplement to support your weight loss goals. Garcinia Clean is made of natural ingredients and can help you shed unwanted pounds.