Phenom Health manufactures Garcinia Clean, a superfood supplement that combines the weight loss powers of garcinia cambogia with Vitamin B2 and other fat-burning ingredients. Phenom Health, which specializes in wellness supplements, beat first quarter sales forecasts this year, largely due to the company’s recent Valentine’s Day promotion.

Garcinia CleanThe promotion targeted Phenom Health’s most popular products, including Garcinia Clean, a highly effective, all-natural weight loss supplement that contains zero artificial ingredients, fillers, or unwanted stimulants. It combines garcinia cambogia, a fruit known for facilitating weight loss, with ingredients such as green tea, black pepper extract, capsicum extract, and vitamins.

Garcinia Clean is free of added caffeine, so it does not leave users feeling jittery. Garcinia Clean supports weight loss in many people because of the way it helps in augmenting metabolism, flushing toxins that slow the function of the digestive system, and improving mood and energy. Garcinia Clean can help people get rid of excess weight-with many users showing significant results in as little as a few weeks.

The demand for Garcinia Clean ramped up as people prepared to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Phenom Health capitalized on the high interest with Valentine’s promotions. The high response to the promotions was a big factor in enabling the company to beat its first quarter sales predictions.

“In February, people were coming out of the doldrums of winter and wanting to look their best in preparation for Valentine’s Day,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development. “We know that weight loss is a high priority for many of our clients, and we focus on safe, high-quality nutritional supplements to help them achieve their goals. The Valentine’s Day promotion made our products accessible and affordable to more customers.”

Phenom Health is committed to producing safe, natural dietary supplements to enhance health and wellbeing. The company’s success shows in its better-than-expected first quarter sales figures.